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Automating R&D Tax Benefits

Optimize R&D tax benefits with SYTR’s advanced platform. Simplify compliance, streamline documentation, and harness real-time data for powerful analytics. Revolutionize your R&D tax credit process.

Supervise Innovation Monitoring

SYTR provides a tool to supervise and track innovation within your organization. Easily monitor progress, exchange information with public institutions, and ensure real-time data updates.

Dashboarding and Ad-Hoc Modules

Leverage our customizable dashboards and ad-hoc modules to gain valuable insights and visualize key performance indicators related to your innovation projects.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Ensure optimal resource allocation by aligning project requirements with staffing capabilities. SYTR helps you assess recruitment needs, measure hourly rates, and implement a systematic approach to timesheets and onboarding.

Digitalization of R&D Tax Measures​

SYTR’s One-Stop Shop streamlines the monitoring, financial analysis, and quantification of R&D tax gains.

Frequently Asked Questions

SYTR offers a comprehensive platform solution designed to streamline the management of R&D projects, enhance data sharing and collaboration, and optimize the process of claiming R&D tax benefits. Our platform provides a centralized hub for project supervision, real-time data monitoring, internal communication, and simplified data sharing.

Our platform serves as a tool to supervise and monitor innovation within organizations. It enables seamless exchange of information with public institutions, facilitates real-time data tracking, and promotes internal exchange of messages among team members. With features like dashboarding and ad-hoc modules, organizations can effectively manage their innovation projects and ensure a focus on quality.

We offer a range of features and services to support human resource management for R&D projects. This includes project-to-staff alignment, onboarding assistance, measurement of hourly rates, time tracking system with validation cycles and HR advisory services from project creation to budgeting. Our goal is to optimize resource utilization and enhance the efficiency of R&D teams.

SYTR’s platform brings digitalization to R&D tax measures, providing a comprehensive and centralized solution. With our “One Stop Shop” approach, companies can monitor their R&D activities, perform financial analyses, and quantify tax gains within the platform. By automating the documentation process, businesses can reduce the burden on subject matter experts, streamline documentation procedures, and effectively defend their tax positions.


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