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Maximize your R&D capabilities, streamline processes, and maximize tax benefits to make strategic decisions to lead the industry.

Unleash Your Innovation Potential

SYTR platform goes beyond traditional R&D management solutions to provide a unique and powerful experience tailored to your needs. Effortlessly harness full potential of your R&D efforts and drive transformative innovation.

Here’s What Sets Us Apart

Streamline R&D Management with our All-in-One Solution

R&D Project Tracking

Efficiently plan, track, and manage all your R&D initiatives in one centralized location, ensuring smooth progress and timely completion.

People & Resource Management

Allocate resources, assign tasks, and maximizing productivity across your R&D teams.

Data & Cost Management

Centralize your R&D data, enabling easy access, analysis, and reporting. Gain insights to drive innovation while optimizing costs.

Technical Simulation & Report

Perform accurate technical simulations and generate comprehensive reports to communicate findings and drive data-backed decision-making.

Key Differentiators

With SYTR Platform

  • 1-5 hours

Without SYTR Platform

  • > 50hours


Join the industry leaders in harnessing innovation, optimizing R&D, and achieving remarkable results.

Solutions For All Businesses

SYTR platform goes beyond traditional R&D management solutions to provide a unique and powerful experience tailored to your needs.

Innovative Businesses

Streamline your R&D tax benefits as you scale. our software supports complex calculations and multi-project studies, adapting to your growing business needs.


Opt for our expert-delivered, compliant R&D study, or seamlessly manage your workflow using our powerful platform, tailored for your tax team.

Decision Makers

Simplified Software for Effortless R&D Compliance. Experience the simplicity and compliance-driven approach of our software.

R&D Expertise

Unlock the Potential of R&D Tax Practice. Establish or expand your R&D tax practice and provide significant value to your clients using our platform, empowering your growth and success.

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